groups: rocket punch, gwsn, loona, red velvet (ot4), weki meki

megaten smt 1-3 + sj + if, dds 1 + 2, devil survivor 1 + 2, raidou, soul hackers 1, persona 1+2is/2ep, devil summoner

nihei tsutomu's worksBLAME! (the manga + the movie), biomega, knights of sidonia, ningyo no kuni/aposimz

madomagi seriesmadoka magica, kazumi magica, oriko magica, tart magica, magia record

other mediabandori, wixoss, revue starlight, idolmaster deresute, ajin, flip flappers, zombieland saga, project sekai, hyperdimension neptunia, kyousougiga, ace attorney/tgaa, zero escape, aitsf

main kinks i like to draw and write about these: monsters x male characters (mainly tentacles or slimes), dub-con (non-con is gross i dont like it), torn clothes (im not a fan of full nudity), bondage/kinbaku

"land mines" i really dislike the following kinks so i would be grateful if you didnt put any tweet about them on my tl: tentacles x females (tentacle hentai is only good with males i dont make the rules), lolishota, incest, egg-laying/ovipostion/eggpreg (its so fucking gross ew)

notes: don't like what you see? the block/mute buttons are right there. use them. thank you. i will leave you be if you leave me be, and if you provoke me, i WILL fight back. simply don't interact with me if my account makes you uncomfortable, it's not that hard. proshippers are icky and fucking annoying so please don't follow me if you are one. i may block you if your profile looks like this: default pfp, no tweets, default username (name + bunch of numbers). this kind of profiles makes me anxious. also, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't follow me if you're a minor, my account is R-18.